Cooper's Candle Company

      We are a home based hand crafted candle company. The name, and our ,          are our rescue dog, Cooper. When Cooper came into our lives he helped          us to take a step back from our 9-5 jobs, and explore our passion. Because        of his influence, and adorable face, he was a natural to be the face of our           company!
Each candle is individually poured with eco-friendly, natural coconut-soy wax blend. The fragrances are the highest quality available to ensure maximum enjoyment. Even our wicks are all natural cotton. The result is a clean-burning high quality candle that is free of parabens, pesticides, sulfates, phthalates, or toxins (present in mass manufactured petroleum based candles).
We hope you will enjoy our fragranced creations as much as our family, friends, and we do! Of our five senses, it has been found our sense of smell has the strongest connection to memories. Our goal is provide a sensory experience that transports you to a pleasurable memory.