Q) Why do I need to keep the wick trimmed? 

A) If the flame on the wick is too large it will burn your candles faster. Keep them to 1/4" for best results. The larger flame may also reduce the "Hot Throw"(see below). * Note as of 3/2023 we are using "self trimming" wicks in all but our 7 Oz Amber candles.

Q) What do the terms "Cold Throw", and "Hot Throw" refer to?

A) "Cold Throw" and "Hot Throw" describes how well the scent travels before, and after it is lit. 

Q) What is meant by "Top", "Middle", and "Base" notes?

Top notes are the dominant aroma and are the ones you notice first. Citrus blends, and peppermint are examples of top notes.

Middle notes are most noticeable after several minutes and give a well rounded profile to the scent. Floral, Pine, and herbal are common middle notes.

Base Notes are the structure of the fragrance profile. They are long lasting and provide stability to the aroma. Sandalwood is a common base note.

Q) When the candle is finished can I repurpose the container?

A) Absolutely! They can be used in a variety of creative, useful ways. Do not use for food or beverage consumption.

Q} What if my Product is damaged or lost?

A) Please contact us directly to resolve this matter:   

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